Masjid Bilal


Welcome to Masjid Bilal serving muslim community in North Houston area.

Prayer times

​Fajr:         5:45 am

Zuhr:       1:55 pm

Asr:          6:30 pm

Maghrib:  Sunset

​Isha:        9:50 pm

Jummah: Khutbah 1:30pm,

                Solat 2:00pm

                (all year round)

​Khateeb schedule

Monthly Prayer Schedule

Upcoming programs

Qu'ran Hadith program - every Tuesday between Maghrib and Isha

Imam short talk: Mothers of the believers, wife of the Prophet - after Isha 


Bilal Masjid
11815 Adel Road Houston, TX 77067 US
Phone: 281-537-1946 Website: